About this blog

At 29, I lost my first baby at ten weeks. This blog is my attempt to look back on these first few awful months, and then to look ahead and think more positively about the future. I hope it can be of help to others who have suffered a miscarriage. 

I started this blog before I was pregnant for the first time to connect with other people who felt ‘ahead of the baby game’ – whose friends weren’t quite at that stage of their lives yet. Now I’ve relaunched it with a different perspective, but with the same goal in mind of connecting with others who can share my experiences. What has happened to me this year will shape me for the rest of my life, and I hope that this blog will help me – and others – find a way to move forwards with that burden. 

Wishing us all luck, health and happiness.


4 thoughts on “About this blog

    • Wow, I am so grateful. This made my day! I know I shouldn’t really nominate back but I did anyway – I wish I had more time to explore amazing blogs. Thanks so much x

  1. I’m so glad I found your blog! Your miscarriage experience is very similar to mine and of all the blogs I’ve read so far, yours is the only one I ca relate to. I Reading the words you write is making me feel a tad better, so thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences X

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